Coke Studio to Launch 'Coke Studio TV' Channel in Pakistan, to air Coke Studio related Content

Its time for all the music enthusiasts out there to tie up themselves with their TVs, because there is an amazing news waiting for all of you: Coke Studio will be launching its very own channel called 'Coke Studio TV'. 
Its reported that the test transmission of Coke Studio TV is currently on air, which is telecasting the previous 'Season 7'. However, as soon as the latest season will begin, by August 16th, the channel will start airing content revolving around Coke Studio 8 exclusively.

Coke Studio TV will keep airing Coke Studio content round the clock for as long as Coke Studio 8 lasts- ideally till October.
The content will range from interviews of the music icons participating in the latest season to behind the scene footage, making of songs video, production video and basically all the content that couldn't be broadcasted earlier owing to the limited one-hour time slot.
After developing a website dedicated solely to Coke Studio content, the highly publicized program soon started posting BTS videos before airing the actual content too keep the fans hooked. Soon, all the songs featured in Coke Studio started being available on Sound Cloud for streaming purposes. In fact, the team also started to create entire playlists on Sound Cloud.
Last year saw Coke Studio releasing its tracks on the mobile music app Saavn. The music gained such immense popularity that Saavn India kept it in its featured section throughout Coke Studio 7.