Taher Shah releases 'Humanity Love' on the New Year's Eve & it's getting viral!

Humanity Love Taher Shah
After about a break of 8 months, the singer with a heart of gold has come up with a video message that sounds like the sequel to 'Angel'.

When we saw him last, a purple-robed, tiara-wearing Shah was urging us to recognize the goodness of humanity in his second track 'Angel'.
In his latest video 'Humanity Love', Shah ditches the princess gear for a more king-like demeanour. Clad in a gold suit and seated on a matching throne, Shah recites, instead of sings, the lyrics to 'Humanity Love'.

The song's message is simple: 'Give love to get love.' Also: 'Go get the girl. She won't say no if she's an angel like you.'